Toilets for all

Modular toilets ready to instal wherever you want!!

Watsan envirotech- project-WATER FOR ALL - selected as one of the semi-finalists in DBS-NUS Social Asia Challenge!


Modular toilets- Made of green energy-sunlight and 3M- men, moulds and materials!

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Simple to Advanced... Get all types in ONE STOP SHOP

We provide all solutions under one roof:

1. Turnkey solutions to make modular toilets: Know how, supply of moulds, materials and training

2. Only Modular Super structures for singular toilets and for 'Eco-san' dry toilets.

3. Complete solutions from top to bottom comprising Leach/Soak pits or septic tanks.

4. Add-ons like solar lighting, automatic door operation with sensor, automatic flushing and

5. With bio- digesters.

6. Turnkey for converting solid and liquid waste into manure and organic pesticide - bye product of dry toilets.

7. With plumbing and water inlets for running water/ with provision of tanks based on the population.

8. Provisions for advertisement lit/ unlit.

Manufacture or buy ready made toilets


TiE con-2012-Introducing the company